Terms & Conditions

All Heating & Cooling systems are subject to approval by Sol Heating & Cooling prior to acceptance for SolComfort Platinum and Labor Coverage Plans.

  • Liability is limited to the equipment only.

  • If parts are not available, or a repair is unable to be made, Sol Heating and Cooling will offer a $500 rebate towards the cost of a new system installed by Sol Heating & Cooling.

  • Equipment with pre-existing conditions requiring repair will not be covered by this plan.

  • Piping to and from the boiler, including valves, flow checks, drains and auto water feeds are not covered by this plan.

  • Ductwork, registers and diffusers, as well as air balancing are not covered by this plan.

  • This agreement does not cover damages and repairs necessitated by customer abuse, fire, flood, freezing or other abnormal conditions. Nor does it cover work from faulty design or installation.

  • Sol Heating & Cooling reserves the right to reject any application or cancel the contract and refund the agreement price paid if the covered equipment does not comply with the provisions of the agreement.

Refrigerant Leaks & Repairs:

  • Preexisting refrigerant repairs on leaks will not be covered.

  • Existing equipment on a plan will be given dye and leak sealant.

  • Equipment using R-22 will not be covered for refrigerant repairs.

  • If a system is found to be leaking, we will cover up to 2 visits per calendar year.

  • If a leak can not be found, we will ad up to 3 lbs of 410-A per calendar year.

Intermittent Problem Service Calls:

  • First & Second diagnostic trips are covered.  

  • If the problem persists, we will schedule 4 hours during normal business hours to assess the system.  All remaining time required is billable.

Hydronic Boilers

  • Domestic coils and domestic, potable water piping is not covered.

  • Indirect water heaters and storage tanks are not covered.

  • Plan does cover hydronic piping, radiators, hydronic coils, baseboard radiators or radiator valves

  • Purging air from the system is covered once per year.

Cancellation of the plan requires one of the following:

  • Call us at 610-266-3678.

  • Manage your subscription here.

  • Send us a message via the Contact form.