What’s the Best Brand of HVAC Equipment?

This is a frequent question we receive, especially if someone is in the market for a new heating and air conditioning system. The answer to this is really quite simple, but it sounds like we are just delivering the sales pitch. “The best brand is the one installed by a competent, experienced installer and backed by a company who is willing to honor all warranties.” Blah blah blah.

All systems break down. They are mechanical pieces of equipment and will eventually fail. The first part of that answer involves the installer. The last thing anybody wants is a system that broke down because of an improper install. When this does happen, we can only hope that this company will do the right thing and fix their mistakes.

Even equipment that has been installed perfectly can potentially have problems. That’s where a solid manufacturers warranty as well as the contractor’s labor warranty will be most important. Any time you are in the market for an HVAC system, warranty details should be one of your top questions.

So does that sound like a sales pitch for my company? Yea, I think it does, too. So let me give you my personal opinion. I have problems with every single one of them! Just to name a few, and let me restate, this is just my opinion:

  1. Goodman - Defrost boards and sensors can be an issue. Same goes with their TXVs, reversing valves, evaporators...in fact, all of their parts can be an issue.

  2. Trane - Too much plastic! And, their outdoor coils get dirty and clog really easy.

  3. York - Warranty process is not the greatest. They use a separate company to handle their parts, and they charge for shipping on a warranty part...unacceptable.

  4. Carrier - Similar to Samsung appliances. They put out high-end equipment too quick without working out the bugs.

BUT...I can also provide a lot of positives for each of those brands.

  1. Goodman - Best warranty process in the industry.

  2. Trane - Uses standard size air filters for their cabinets.

  3. York - Built like a tank, (the newer stuff anyway.) The metal they use is really thick, so it feels like you’re installing a solid furnace.

  4. Carrier - Most innovative and always pushing for more. Their communicating controls are the best in the industry.

All of the brands work great until they don’t. And eventually...they won’t. They all have terrible reviews and some great ones too. Most of them have been around for decades. So, they must be doing something right, right!?

As a contractor, I choose what equipment to install based on these two important qualities:

  1. Will they stand behind the equipment if/when something fails?

  2. Will they offer training and technical support?

All of the major brands perform well enough that we would be comfortable installing, servicing and maintaining them.

What’s the best brand of HVAC equipment? Doesn’t matter. Choose your installer wisely and forget about the label in the basement. Final answer.

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