SolComfort Maintenance Plan

Air Conditioners

Wet Floor or ceiling? The condensate system might need cleaned and flushed.  We'll check your refrigerant levels and replace your air filter.

Gas Furnaces

Lots and Lots of safety switches! We'll check all of them.  Along with checking gas pressures, we'll make sure your furnace is set up to run at it's peak performance this winter.

Heat Pumps

Just like an air conditioner, but runs in reverse.  We'll check the defrost cycle and your back-up heat to make sure you're not left in the cold.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Whether it's open or closed loop, water flow is key! Over a decade of experience with geothermal systems, we'll make sure your equipment remains efficient for years to come!

Oil-fired Boiler or Furnace

Soot is the enemy! A small amount can block more than 10% of heat transfer.  Cleaning your boiler and properly setting the burner is a must.


Is your home feeling dry?  Let us check your humidifier and replace the media.  We'll run a full test to check the function of your humidity controls.

Water Treatment

Whether you're concerned about drinking water or the life of your appliances, we can help!  Save years on your water heater and dish washer! Get a free water test today.

Water Heaters

Are you running out of hot water? Or maybe noticed a leak?  Small leaks can become big problems in a hurry. Don't wait another minute.  We can give you options immediately.